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Design Major, Psychology Minor

I am a first-generation Mexican-American designer from San Jose, California. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, where I was fortunate to be surrounded by a great culture of art and an appreciation for it. I have always found I express myself better through visual language, which led me down a career in design. The natural world and emotions strongly influence my work. I have a strong passion for understanding the human experience and hope to create designs that can help change the world and help others live fulfilling lives

Inside Voices

Inside Voices is a video that visually and auditorily represents the reality of living with anxiety and depression. The information in the video is rooted in my own experience and anonymous crowd-sourced stories of other people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Inside Voices aims to increase awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety while helping those with a mental health disorder feel less alone and realize that others share similar feelings. 

Inside Voices lives inside a 4.5ftx8ft room, which I built with PVC pipe and sheer black fabric in the installation. The idea was to create a space that felt similar to the video outside of the computer screen. My video piece was heavy and dark, and I thought I needed to have something that balances out the emotions Inside Voices may bring up. Therefore alongside the video, I created a zine titled “Breathe,” which, content-wise and visually, is more uplifting. Inside Voices and Breathe can be found on the website I designed for both pieces to virtually live. 

The framing question of my project was, “What’s it like to live with anxiety and depression?” I am now left with the questions of why mental health disorders are so common? and what does that tell us about the society we created? How can we help each other?