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Design Major, Fine Art Minor

I am a graphic designer based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with strong interests in branding, packaging and typography. I am a visual enthusiast who thrives in challenging, collaborative and deeply creative environments. I aspire to center my work around cultural shifts and social justice. I believe in the power of visual culture and communications to transform lives.

Regression to the Mean

Insecurity in ourselves and in our own identities can hinder each of us. Regression to the Mean is a book of interviews that centers around four Vietnamese adoptees. Each with a different story, they bring their varying experiences to bear on how being a transnational adoptee has deeply impacted who they’ve become as they enter adulthood.

The book begins with a look back at a trip the girls took to Vietnam in December 2009 to explore their birth country. That experience laid the groundwork for what would become an excavation of identity and a reckoning with the unknown.