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Design Major

I am an afro-latina designer and am extremely passionate about social justice and want to work at the intersection of design and activism. Being mixed Black and Latina, I sometimes feel like there is always a battle to be fought within both of my communities against a system that was built to oppress us. This is a battle I am always ready and willing to fight. I try to convey my passion and representation through my design work.

Table Talk

This piece was created with hopes to transcend you as a viewer into a different world. A world where we rid ourselves of the preconceived ideas of what it means to use psychedelics. Currently part of Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, psychedelics are labeled by the government as high abuse potential; with no accepted medical use; and lack of safety even under medical supervision. This project focuses only on natural psychedelics and not man-made, and this classification is in direct contradiction to what scientists and doctors over the years have discovered. Challenge what is stated by America’s government and start a conversation about why these sacred herbs are now frowned upon.