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Design Major, Advertising Major


As a creative problem-solver, I am constantly learning how to expand my knowledge within both design and advertising in order to best deliver meaningful and impactful work. Born and raised within the shores of the Bay Area, my interest in technology has combined with my studies to form the basis of this smart-device-centered senior thesis. I believe that design should enable all audiences to partake in the conversation that it creates, and I strive to successfully share them through captured stories.

Clouded Connections

Smart home intelligence devices are Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that await our orders and work to ease our daily lives. In exploring the history of natural human intelligence, we learn to communicate and interact with friends, family, and strangers in order to build relationships. We converse with people to connect. Diving deeper into more intimate and unguarded conversations, what enables us to feel comfortable opening up to those around us?

In exploring our relationship with machines and our deep-rooted human desire to bond, I have broken down the boundary between virtual assistance versus virtual companionship. Through constructing a soft physical cloud, and placing a smart home virtual assistant to constantly interact with viewers, it tests our conscious comfort with the device. The placement of the mirrors highlighting the joint space between the cloud and humans pushes viewers to explore our relationship between these smart home devices and human intimacy.