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Design Major

Fine Arts Minor

I am a designer based in San Francisco, interested in the graphic fields of illustration, packaging design, and branding. From a fine arts background, I create works that incorporate and display aspects of both design and fine art. My goal as a graphic designer and illustrator is to show other artists that it is possible to follow both trades and make successful pieces. 


In a world where digital art is dominating and we are reemerging into physical art spaces, we can appreciate the experience of seeing the texture and nuanced details of physical art pieces. Exploring this idea through the action of  physically scrolling through a muslin “website”, we can see how we have lost touch with the appreciation of tactical experiences.  The old Mac G3 as the centerpiece of the project brings us back to a time where physical art was the forefront and had superior value. More importantly, in the digital art world NFTs have taken over and caused harm to the environment with the amount of energy used to store those files. The heads shown on the computer are simplified interpretations of a popular NFT community “CryptoPunks” which represents the visual garbage they are pumping out for the sake of content and sales.