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Design Major

Fine Arts Minor

Hi there! My name is Cristina and I am a visual designer, Army veteran, and Texas native currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love cold weather, warm jackets, hot coffee, and going on walks with my partner and our dog, Max. When it comes to design, I strive to create work that resonates with an audience who, like me, longs for a return to simplicity and togetherness. 

Soup With You

Soup With You is a story about my favorite childhood comfort food, which my mom called “chicken sabaw” (suh-baow; Tagalog for chicken soup). Although the recipe is simple—a scoop of white rice resting in a bowl of thin, golden chicken broth—the process of making and sharing soup stood out to me as an extraordinary act of love. Chicken sabaw is a recipe that’s been passed down in my family for many years. By making, eating, and sharing this soup, I feel connected to all of my ancestors who have made chicken sabaw—it’s part of us. Soup With You began as an exploration of family, simplicity, and good food. Over time, it’s transformed into something I’m proud to share with you today: a tribute to my favorite meal and a commemoration of those acts of love and care that nourish us.