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Design Major

I am Chinese, a game/ animation/ animal lover. I start to play games and animate when I was 4 years old. Getting into the relative industry is my dream. I love to try new things, and easily get bored with repetitive stuff. I’m not good at literature but I like using graphic things to show my idea.


Bubble is a visual novel game that requires you to talk with characters to advance the game. The game aims to arouse everyone’s thinking about the relationship between humans, the real world, and the virtual world. The game doesn’t express any opinion, it’s just a conversation between you and the game character. The game increases the player’s sense of substitution by simulating the form of an instant messenger. The title, Bubble, is also the name of the corresponding IM in the game.


A note on the game: The game uses a visual novel format to fit the theme. When we play visual novels, we know that we are the protagonist, so we will seriously think about our answers (no saving options). Because you know that saying the wrong thing can lead to bad endings. But when we chat with real people online, it seems that we don’t have this concern. So if you use the same format as visual novels on IM, will everyone’s ideas change?