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Design Major

Advertising, Catholic Studies, Philippine Studies Minors

Hi! I am a Filipino graphic designer who grew up in New Jersey. When it comes to design, I love collaborating with everyone around me and getting inspiration everywhere I can. I have found a home in designing for the Filipino/a/x-American community and love exploring my own identity through design. I am constantly learning, growing, and striving to build on the foundation of those that came before me.

Joy is

Joy is is a poster series and book publication designed and illustrated by Andre Canta based on crowdsourced descriptions of how people experience joy in their lives. The series of posters use a minimal style and a vibrant color palette to illustrate the different ways people talk about joy. These large posters invite you to pause, slow down, and reflect on all of the little and big moments in your life. The book offers a way to connect the illustrations to the crowd-sourced responses. They represent each individual’s voice and how they experience joy in their lives. How do you experience joy?