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Design Major

Fine Arts Minor

I come from China. I love design. Because I like all kinds of beautiful things, and those beautiful things need to be designed. I like painting, too. I learned to draw when I was very small. When I was a child, I had a dream to be a cartoonist. I am off track in the pursuit of my dream, however, I am still moving in the direction of the future.

Confused Mood Lab

Just entering university, many students are full of expectations and curiousity. However, with the passage of time, the freshness fades and is replaced by deep confusion. At university, no one tells us how to do well. If we want to work hard, we don’t know where to start. Academic pressure, dormitory relationships, life pressure, and employment pressure. These negative conditions are like landslides and cracks, and the huge gap has once plunged many people into depression. In the university, no one will take the initiative to tell students what to do and how to do it correctly. We want to work hard but don’t know where to start. Whether it is academic pressure, dormitory relationships, or job confusion, all these negative emotions lie in front of us. Some huge gaps that have never been seen have also caused many students to fall into depression for a time.

As a college student, are you confused about your future? Are you confused about how to get along with your roommate? Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? “Confused Mood Lab” is a pop-up book that analyzes the confused emotion of college students in detail, to get the way to solve the confusing emotion of college students. The whole book shows the confusion of college students in the form of illustration. I use bright colors to express the colorful world, and confusion is just a gray memory of the colorful youth. I hope every confused person can slowly get out of the confused state, and let college life become what they want.