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Design Major, Psychology Major

Vera Hines is a designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her diverse interests and curiosities are reflected in her work, which ranges from paintings to building interactive websites, and from doodles to creating logos.


NO WALL is a composition of college-style prints, t-shirts with collage designs on them, and a zine. There are a total of six dissent colleges represented in this project that is inspired by impactful instances lived by the artist after her trip to Tijuana Mexico thanks to the program Arrupe Immersion that the University of San Francisco offers. The trip took place during the spring break of 2022 and was hosted by Via international.

The purpose of NO WALL is to raise money to send to a shelter visited during the trip named Casa de Luz and to bring awareness about the realities that are experienced at the border. Moreover, the prominent color red that is present throughout the project was used since it reminded the artist of the vitality of Tijuana, its murals, and the people she met. Additionally this color represents both the pain of this reality and the power that change is possible if we all fight together.