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Design Major

Architectural Engineering Minor

Hi! I’m a Japanese graphic designer and artist from Hawai’i. I work in digital graphics, promotional, and branding designs that incorporate themes of sustainability, community building, and empowerment. In my free time, I love to draw, play the saxophone, watch anime, and play video games.

Fatality by Fetishization

Fatality by Fetishization brings attention to the detrimental impact normalizing Asian fetishization and harmful stereotypes have on real Asian women. The purpose of this immersive space is not to echo the harmful imagery created by these stereotypes, but to center the voices and raw emotions of how Asian women feel. The imagery within the art piece is a symbolic representation of how this negative culture makes women feel and how we can reclaim our own identities without being reduced to a stereotype.

Along with the popularization of Asian culture and cultural globalization, the line between fetishization, appropriation, and appreciation has become increasingly blurred. There has been a growing population of fans that appreciate Kawaii, or cute things with the contrast of Yami, or darkness. This theme often appears not only in popular anime but also in popular Hollywood movies. When media portrays and sexualizes the harm of Asian women or violent Asian women, these stereotypes and expectations follow women into real life. With this awareness, I would like viewers to leave with a new consciousness of what’s okay and not okay.