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Design Major

 I am from Portland Oregon, where up until last august,  I have lived my whole life. Since I was a kid, I have been drawn to art and creativity, and this enduring love has lead me to become a design major. I’m super excited to graduate in the oncoming fall and look forward to what comes next!

Mental Illness Game

How do mental illnesses present barriers for those suffering from them? How can we better build thoughtful empathy towards those living with a mental illness? What frustrations and challenges do people experience while seeking treatment for mental illnesses? My board game, The Mental Illness Game, seeks to tackle all of these questions. Through the culmination of months of research, planning, and development, I have developed a strategic collaborative board game which throws the user into the experience of having a mental illness and giving them the goal of feeling “okay.” Users have to make their way to a maze while encountering obstacles and barriers, relying on their fellow teammates to help in their endeavours. I designed the game with wood and paint. The completed design has a whimsical, but intense feel befitting the challenging topic. My aim in this project has been to increase awareness of the variety of needs a person with mental illness may have, destigmatize mental illnesses and medical terms, and emphasise the importance of peer and social support in the process of seeking treatment. Enjoy the game!