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Design Major

Computer Science Minor

My name is Ronnie, I am located in the San Francisco area and I am both a Web and Graphic designer. I grew up in Oroville, California and then lived in Rocklin, California for 14 years. I love everything about Jeeps and dream of going into the games industry.


DURAGRIP is a project that aims to create a visual representation of heavy-duty functionality with a branded experience. The project is comprised of reusing scrap car parts that have the heavy-duty nature that the automotive industry demands while using welding techniques to create visually intriguing pieces that attract viewers’ attention at the exhibition who may touch anything that they may wish, at their own risk. 

One of the technical concepts behind this project is the use of welding and as a novice welder, the pieces provided an easy way to practice and learn welding metal across various sizes. Another technical concept was to source all the parts from auto shops and scrap yards that were local to me. A significant part of this piece is reusing what would have originally gone to waste. Keeping the pieces low weight was also a major technical point for this project as I wanted them to be as accessible as possible. Painting of the pieces is an idea that emerged after research deemed that adding bright colors helps to guide new users on what area to grab each piece. The last technical concept behind my project was to leave the pieces rusted looking to keep them tied back to the scrapped fate that I had salvaged them from. The pieces contain parts from manufacturers such as Jeep, Subaru, Ford Motor Company, BMW, and General Motors.