Brianna Vargas (she/her)

I am passionate about my two fields of study, Psychology and Design. Growing up, I was surrounded with a tight-knit community that encouraged me to explore my curiosity, creativity, and emotions. I have strived for community and connection during my time at USF but during the pandemic, myself, and many others, experienced a loss of those networks. This project was born out of my personal struggles with loneliness and my wish to help others with their experience of loneliness.

O Design & Psychology Major
R San Francisco, CA

Warm Regards

My project, Warm Regards, merges my two interests into one, combining mental health tactics and design in order to promote connection with oneself. This work serves as an extension to my psychology thesis on the prominence and detriments of prolonged loneliness. My project aims to foster genuine relationships with a thought provoking self-reflection question card deck prompting individuals to explore the connection with themselves, a website including a discussion board, and postcards to send to friends and family. ​Warm Regards helps others shift their perceptions of themselves so that they can ground themselves, understand their worth, and build meaningful relationships with others.

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