Josephine Tov (she/her)

I am a first generation college student, majoring in Design and minoring in Fine Arts at the University of San Francisco. Being raised by a single immigrant mom, my sister and I have always worked hard to make her proud. Coming from a traditional Asian household, it was expected that I pursue a career in Medicine or Law, but I’ve always had an overbearing passion for creating art. Art was my outlet for self expression and my distraction from problems. I learned to tell stories and share parts of myself through my work and soon found purpose in it with design. As a designer, I want to create work with empathy that people can make meaningful connections to.

O Design Major
X Fine Arts Minor
R Sacramento, CA

Note to Self

Life can be really hard sometimes. It’s so easy to let yourself be consumed and confused by thoughts racing around in your head. I asked myself the question, “how can I help those going through a hard time navigate their feelings?” The idea for this project stems from my personal struggles with mental health and I hope that it can support others going through a similar situation. After going to therapy and talking to friends and family, I found that journaling is a great outlet for people to be vulnerable with themselves. I learned that our relationship with ourselves and others directly impacts the quality of our lives. Note to Self is a guided journal with writing prompts and activities for anyone to use when they are going through a difficult time but don’t know how to deal with it. It comes with a pen, a matchbook, and stickers for a more personalized experience. I understand that sometimes there are things you never want to say to anyone or want anyone to know so this journal is burnable, either in full or just a few pages. This serves as a way to release yourself of any unwanted or private thoughts and emotions once you feel ready. I hope that Note to Self puts a smile on someone’s face and helps them feel a little better.

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