Aneesha Solomon (she/her)

I am a graphic designer, born and raised in the city of San Francisco where I grew up in a multicultural family. I grew up with a strong artistic influence and knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in art. I was drawn to design because I believe that design is a unique tool of communication that has the ability to reach and connect many different people. Through my exploration of design I have found that publication design as well as packaging design are two fields that I have found to enjoy the most.

O Design Major
X Advertising Minor
R San Francisco, CA


My thesis project, Clematis is about mental health during the pandemic. Clematis is a flower that means mental beauty which is why I chose it for my project title and logo as I felt it was the perfect way to represent this time. I wanted to frame my thesis around the COVID-19 pandemic as it is something that has been top of mind for the past year. Since the start of the pandemic, mental health has been something that has been very prevalent and even more important to talk about. The pandemic has brought up new issues and understandings of mental health as people who have never really struggled with mental health before are now suddenly struggling. I wanted to create something that was able to help these kinds of people as well as those who may have been struggling with mental health pre COVID. My goal was to create something that could help people get through the pandemic and feel less isolated. With Clematis, I am exploring the question of how a pandemic affects mental health and what might help people to exercise good mental health habits? I am trying to answer this question through an activity journal as well as through a hobby book which will each be showcased on a website as well.

View project website: Clementis