Sebastian Rojas (He/Him)

As a designer who is constantly pushing myself, I believe that design and art are most satisfying when they can overcome challenges, rather than compromising or settling. Growing up with “never stop learning” ingrained into my brain, the more I learn and the more skills I can develop, then the more satisfied I feel as a designer. This is why I will continue to try learning new things, I will not be left behind in the ever changing world that is design.

O Design Major
R Los Angeles, California

Mental Breakdown of Design

My thesis project is a brand guide and reflective journal describing my journey and reasoning as a designer. I aim to share the problems I faced in finding my own identity, as a means to help young designers that are also struggling with their own questions and identities. I created my project in the form of a long scroll website. I want to be able to present professionally who I am as a designer concisely while being able to help designers that are struggling to articulate their own identities.

View project website: A Mental Breakdown on Design