Lucas Ricci (he/him)

Being privileged to have been born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, I always felt connected to the surrounding environments – that being the great expansive Pacific Ocean or the humble foothills at our backs. Having this connection led me to focus on pursuing the sciences in order to gain knowledge on the environments that I know only at a superficial level. My design work connects environmental science and design to create productive and meaningful work related to issues surrounding climate change, particularly to those regarding the fashion industry.

O Design Major
X Environmental Science Minor
R San Francisco, CA

1.5 °

The concept behind my project is 1.5°, the optimal pathway in surface temperature increase from pre-industrial levels in which countries under the Paris Agreement have agreed to abide by in order to inhibit further climate change via global emissions. Under this framing, I wish to enhance public awareness for environmental issues affected by our lifestyle choices. I aim to answer the question as to how we, as average consumers, do what is realistically feasible to curtail our habits contributing to the climate crisis. Since there are various issues, each with their own set of unique contributing factors, I decided to create a magazine focusing on the fashion industry’s contribution to the climate crisis, with accompanying volumes, each focusing on a separate individual issue. With the information provided, I can create a visually appealing work that not only attracts the eye but enables learning and re-learning with curated data so as to avoid the conflict of over saturation. With the current trends of steady consumerism and increasing global crises, I want to utilize my passions in a way that can cause some introspection and reflection on how the average consumer can help better their surrounding environments.

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