Lauren Nipper (she/her)

My upbringing was juxtaposed by two contrasting cultures. The white culture, which defined my father’s experience and my community’s, and the Latina culture of my mother. I was born and raised in the East Bay by an incredibly loving Puerto Rican mother and a hard working father. Growing up with a Latina mother, I learned first hand the importance of family, togetherness, and the preservation of culture. In this way, my upbringing and Latina heritage has shaped my interest in unifying, purpose driven design. Even today, we are constantly defined by what makes us different, but I see my responsibility as a designer to highlight the ways in which people’s stories intersect, and, because of this, I always approach my work with the purpose of connecting people and their stories. I celebrate culture and humanity by giving a voice to people who are often ignored, thereby pushing for conversation and thought throughout my work. I make design that is fun and eye-catching by using colors that feed warmth to the eyes and soul. More than anything, I make design that creates an impactful experience and evokes emotion in others. In following this philosophy, I’m able to leave a memory for people to return to, time and time again.

O Design Major
R San Francisco, CA

Dear Body

In creating Dear Body, I wanted to explore a way to promote body positivity, connection and understanding surrounding our perceptions of the physical self. As a woman of color growing up in a predominantly white and conservative suburb, I struggled with the mere idea of loving myself and my body because of how different I looked from others. There was a huge lack of understanding and representation of people that looked like me, which made me feel less connected to my peers as well as myself. Dear Body is an interactive, conversational card game filled with questions that are meant to address these topics of body image and conversations that can be difficult to start, let alone navigate and amplify. I believe that vulnerability and willingness to learn can lead to community and within community lies love and acceptance. Dear Body is for any person that wants to explore these tough topics and open up a conversation with others or within themselves to heal and nourish a love for their beautiful bodies.

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