My Nguyen (she/her)

I am a Vietnamese-American designer with the goal to inspire and evoke emotions in people through storytelling. In my life and work, I aim to share my experiences and knowledge as a way to advocate for social justice relating to minority groups and education. I push myself and my craft by learning new ways to share stories through design.

O Design Major
X Computer Science Minor
R San Francisco, CA

Khổ Qua

My project, Khổ Qua, is an interactive website that guides viewers through Vietnam’s journey from adversity to prosperity. I aim to tell this story through the development of Vietnamese cuisine, its influences, and its impact on the modern world. Since 2020 and the COVID pandemic, the rise of Asian hate is increasing at a shocking rate. Many appreciate the “beautiful” things about Asian cultures such as our food, yet allow racism towards Asians to happen. I remember there were times where I was ashamed of eating Vietnamese food in public because I was worried about the smell and appearance of Vietnamese food. However, I have grown to love and appreciate the food that nourished me all my life. This project is my way to empower Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and educate non-AAPI about loving and respecting us as much as they love our food.

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