Tanvi Murugesh (she/her)

I am an artist and designer who enjoys designing experiences that will bring a bit more joy and knowledge into the world. Design is deeply ingrained in our culture and society, be it positive or negative. As we begin to shift toward an era focused on the digital world, I want to explore how these spaces are designed and continue to draw people in. Online communities have become a huge aspect of my generation’s social upbringing, and that is something I’d like to continue my design research and development in.

L www.tsmurugesh.wixsite.com
O Design Major
X Computer Science Minor
R Bay Area, CA

The Lesbian Experience with Cyberspace

My senior project, The Lesbian Experience with Cyberspace, is a book and an accompanying website discussing the history of lesbian online spaces and communities. Marginalized communities tend to flock to online spaces, as in-person ones are sometimes difficult to participate in. In a time where we have been forced to shift even the simplest forms of communication to digital spaces, I wanted to take a look at how lesbian cyber spaces are crucial to the community. How have they helped countless people find friends, hope, even themselves? While the internet feels like a permanent aspect in our lives right now, it is still a very new part of our existence. I want to take a look at how these digital spaces have aged and possibly how can we preserve them for future generations to come.

View project website: The Lesbian Experience with Cyberspace