Maria Ivanyuk (she/her)

My journey to design started when I decided I wanted to become a photographer. Not only do I take photos, but I spend the majority of my time editing them and creating interesting composites. As a creative, I decided that there is a very thin line between creative photography and design.My favorite aspect of photography is getting to meet new people and being able to capture the beauty of others and nature to its fullest potential. The majority of my work captures creative portraits of women, but I occasionally step out and take landscape and product photography.

O Design Major
R Daly City, CA

Healthy Pet, Healthy Earth

My senior design project is a concept brand for interesting, aesthetically engaging, packaging designs for pet food. Additionally, I want to create a component for sustainability because that is something that is lacking and difficult for pet food. As someone who normally works with people and photography, I want to step out of my comfort zone and focus on animals and digital design and create a whole conceptual design based around sustainability. Pet food is difficult to produce sustainably because of many outside factors and I believe the first step is to create a pet food concept that is local and caters to a population of people who are already environmentally conscious. Sustainable design has a long way to go and starting small is better than never starting at all.

View project website: Healthy Paws