DJ Hoffman (she/her)

I was born in China and grew up in Seattle, Washington. Although I dabble in fine art I like to primarily work with digital mediums. When I was a child I spent hours on rudimentary Windows painting software, and that was where my exposure to digital creative tools first started. I strive to create thoughtful designs that are fun and engaging. The intersectionality of people, technology, and art fascinates me. For these reasons, I chose to pursue design. Process is important to me in designing as I believe that there’s always room for improvement and nothing is ever perfect.

L O Design Major
R San Francisco, CA

Best Buds

What if fostering and adopting animals was made more accessible to the public? Can a dating app method of swiping be utilized to connect people with animals that could be babysat, fostered, or adopted? Best Buds is an app I created to make pet care more fun and accessible. This app can be for animals in shelters or overcrowded places. Many of them are receiving inadequate attention, not having their basic necessities met for their mental and physical well beings. It can also be for individuals in need or short term or long term care of their pets.

View App prototype: Best Buds