Natalie Ferrer (she/her)

I am a designer and activist. I strive to celebrate diversity and spread inclusion through all aspects of my work, specifically focusing on women in the intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) community. I believe that designers should be reactionary to the needs of our society, and, most importantly, should provide solutions for a variety of communities, not just the majority. My design has the power to embolden voices, widen perspectives, and create new possibilities. Through positive messaging, uplifting colors, and playful concepts, I hope to empower and encourage all women to realize and reach their full potential.

O Design Major
X Advertising Minor
R San Francisco, CA

You Are Capable

Oftentimes, women, and even more so, women with IDD, are told they can’t achieve as much as men and those that are “able”-bodied or neurotypical. My project seeks to ask how can I, as a designer and active member of the IDD community, utilize design to empower women with and without IDD. The project consists of a 4x 4ft public mural with the slogan “you are capable,” painted on a transportable piece of plywood, that will travel around my local San Francisco neighborhood, spreading the message of inclusivity on a larger scale. In addition to the mural, I have created an accompanying line of paper-goods products, including a hardcover journal, sticky note pad, stickers, and postcards to send a more direct message to women in the IDD community by providing more personal affirmations and words of encouragement relating to the mural’s slogan. Many of these products are available for purchase on my Redbubble shop with all proceeds being donated to Best Buddies International in support of creating opportunities for those with IDD.

View project website: You Are Capable