Courtney Crother (she/her)

I am a creative, artistic person with a lot of ideas as well as an interest in Art History and Architecture. Growing up I always wanted to be a designer, I took a lot of influence from my mom who was a kitchen designer. She inspired me to go for what I wanted and to pursue the things that I love – design, art history, and architecture. My mom always made me think critically about design, and this is a practice I bring into my work. I want to create quality content that impacts people’s way of thinking about art and design.

O Design Major
X Art History and Architecture Minors
R San Francisco, CA

Experiencing Change

When thinking about my thesis project I thought a lot about the concept of change. I have always had an aversion to change and was very much a creature of habit growing up. Over the years I have tried to be a more “go with the flow” type of person and learned to adjust to change, but sometimes that proved difficult for me. Change has also been a big topic in the past year for everyone. So much has changed in the world and this project is a way for people to come to terms with that. In my project I look at the ideas; How to learn to accept change and how to grow from it. In two audio experiences, I walk the user through the process of change. The first audio is a guided workbook meditation. In the second audio tour, you take a self-guided walk outside and it is meant to be meditative and reflective on the change you have experienced in your life. The audio and booklet are housed on a website, which explains the process of how to listen to the audio. While planning my thesis I wanted to create an experience for users to go through. Initially, it was going to be a physical experience but with the social distance circumstances I had to think about ways in which people could experience something that I make on their own time. To me the answer was an audio experience. The user can go at their own pace through the experience and have time to reflect on changes in their life. As students graduating we are facing a huge change in our lives, this project is an opportunity to think about change in a positive way and set mindful goals for our future.

View project website: Experiencing Change