Brandi Chang (she/her)

I’m a designer interested in how I can merge design with my interest in sustainability. Living in Hawaii for most of my life has made the natural world the center of most of my inspiration. Although I am currently thousands of miles away from home, living in San Francisco, my values for appreciating different cultures, respecting the land, and family have stuck with me. Whether I was hiking through the mountains or driving through them down the H3, I always counted myself lucky to live near so much greenery. Each mountain trip since my childhood has built my interest in sustainability, and now I aspire to use design to sustain places like my home and beyond.

O Design Major
R San Francisco, CA


My project (RE), is a digital eco-friendly guide for those who are interested in starting a waste free lifestyle. As a soon to be graduated college student and thereby “independent adult”, I’m aiming to create a more stable lifestyle for myself centered around green living. I’ve always been drawn towards the branding behind the eco-friendly lifestyle/movement, and this project has given me the fun opportunity to combine eco-branding with education and sustainable product options. Since this is a new venture I wanted to document my research, tips, and product recommendations for anyone else interested in starting a similar journey. This green guide isn’t only to recommend sustainable alternatives, but to encourage reducing, reusing and recycling through research of common wasteful habits, identifying basic necessities, and reducing overall consumption. A waste free lifestyle based off this guide is one that is aware of overconsumption and acts to live within one’s means.

View project’s website: (RE) the Green Guide