Dana Capistrano (she/her)

I am a second-generation Filipino American from Los Angeles. Growing up, I was always close to my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and was interested in their stories of immigrating and working hard to find their way in a new county. As a result, I value designing for people like my parents who have to work twice as hard to provide for their families, people who had to learn to assimilate to be accepted, and for people who are marginalized, need representation, and want to share their stories and experiences

L www.deardanagrace.com
O Design Major
X Fine Arts Minor
R Los Angeles, CA

Cut Froot

Cut Froot is an interactive adventure game that navigates trans-generational trauma and the power forgiveness and compassion hold towards healing. As an overall theme within the game, “cutting fruit” refers to the Asian-American love language of gift-giving that Asian parents often have because they have a sense of language disconnect from their children. A phenomenon that stems from their own parent’s lack of communication and ability to apologize as well. In Cut Froot, the player experiences this and has to decide whether or not to forgive and accept their situation and everyone in it. The player navigates through the game collecting hard truths, serious considerations, and ideas of forgiveness. The ideas the player interacts with invites the user to explore their own familial relationships and how they can continue to grow from any hurt that has been caused. More specifically, the game aims to educate us that forgiveness does not equate to justification and how to not rent headspace to pain and suffering. Cut Froot aims to bring up ideas and topics that the user can take away after playing the game and to apply to their own lives.