Tessa Bartholio (she/her)

Having the privilege of growing up in California I decided to leave my peaceful hometown, Ojai, to explore my aspirations in the city of San Francisco. Getting accepted to the college of my choice was the first step into understanding my identity in a new city. However, identity is something that I’ve struggled with, and I found design to be an outlet for me to explore my individuality.

L www.tdbartholio.myportfolio.com
O Design Major
R San Francisco, CA

My Wellness Journal

My Wellness Journal provides exercises and activities that are mood-altering and de-stressing. Personally, my journal has been a safe place for me to express anything I may be feeling at the time, and by making a wellness journal my goal is to create this safe place for others too. By reminding people their feelings are valid, whatever they may be, and using them as a tool to inspire and create.

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