Megan Babigian (she/her)

My name is Megan Babigian and I am a designer from Massachusetts – currently located in San Francisco. I studied design and fine arts at the University of San Francisco. Art and design have always been a tool for me to help make sense of the world, my emotions and my identity.

O Design Major
X Fine Arts Minor
R San Francisco, CA


My Project aims to answer the question how do I help those with ADHD understand and navigate their disorder? I am creating an ADHD care package for young adults. I am creating this, because it seems those with ADHD are not given adequate tools for understanding and dealing with their disorder. ADHD that is not properly managed can have devastating effects on one’s self worth. Many with ADHD often feel worthless or incompetetent. Furthermore, ADHD is often studied and addressed mostly in children, but it is a lifelong disorder. And with all the added responsibilities that adulthood brings, this is mostly likely a very overwhelming time for ADHD brains. The brand for the care package is called Re:mind, as the care package intends to help people reply to their ADHD mind. Items in the package include information booklet, navigation guide, reward system, notebook, flower pot, seed, stickers.